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Casino-Gaming :: How Safe is Online Casino Gambling?

Safety is the pre-eminent concern that players have about online gambling. Today, a casino guide to identify safe online casino sites is much needed by all gamblers.

Online casinos are created and operated in such a way that it has won over the trust of millions of players the world over.

However, if you’re not sure about how safe a casino is, try doing some online research to see what others say. However there are those websites that are set up to scam players from their money and that’s where online casinos guidelines for safe gambling come into play. Be careful of online casinos that have outrageously high bonus offers or that have only been around and in the long run, if you’re not comfortable with a certain casino, don’t use it. Your credit card is fully safe with the online casino you can be sure that your personal details stay with the casino for you to authorize deposits into your casino balance and most online casinos even use higher level encryption than your bank.

Moreover, online casinos that have a number of different gaming avenues tend to be safer. They want to know if the games are honest and if their money will be safe. Through this useful casino guide, one can play with much safety in a gambling site. While some online casinos offer even higher payout percentages on their online slot machine games others publish payout percentage audits on their websites usually approved by a third party accounting group approving that the online casino is using an honest programmed random number generator (RNG) which eventually makes the online casinos even reputable at some points over the land based traditional casinos. The safety of playing should be guaranteed from the first deposit of money to the final withdrawal of cash. Having multiple revenue streams, giving them more incentive to stay honest and making it more likely that they will stay profitable.

Every player should choose sites which can provide them maximum protection against hacks and other breaks in security. If a casino is verified by such a group there will be a link to them on the website of the safe casino Such groups include the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and the Interactive Gaming Council.. Online casinos usually offer odds and payout percentages that are almost the same as land-based casinos. There are a lot of other options out there.

There are some groups dedicated to making sure that online casinos are safe. Many players are hesitant to put money into an online casino because they are concerned that they will not get paid when they win or that the games are rigged and they will lose their money.

The first on the list of online casinos guidelines for safe gambling is ensure that the online casino you wish to play at has a valid license and you can do that by simply checking the websites that post reviews and ratings of the online casino.

When you gamble in an online casino the only one in reach of your pockets is anyone you let into your own front door

Internet Gambling Facts and Problems

There are various Internet gambling companies that offer users the option to play games and gamble online. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States has proclaimed that the Federal Wire Act applies only to sports betting.

The problems with Internet gambling mainly include the risk of addiction and that of the emergence and spread of illegal practices in society.

One of the major Internet gambling problems is its detrimental effect on society. However, if one is to think about the waste of productive time that online gambling results in, and the other problems that it can lead to, it becomes clear why one should stay away from online gambling or at least restrict the time spent on it.


? In most members of the European Union and the nations that surround the Caribbean Sea, different forms of Internet gambling are legalized.

? Gambling activities that involve online money transactions are a greater risk. It leads to a waste of resources (time and money). As no government authority regulates online gambling, it can lead to the spread of several illegal practices. Losing big money results in heavy financial losses, which can in turn lead to frustration.

? The Internet gambling industry is one of the most profitable ones today. A few occurrences of winning good amounts of money is enough to lure him into risking more. However, there is no evidence to prove this, as casinos and race tracks are a more common and prominent reason behind the rise in money laundering.

? The Interstate Wire Act of 1961 is a federal law of the United States that prohibits the operation of certain kinds of betting practices in the country. Your favorite game is just a few clicks away.

For professional gamblers, it is their major source of income.

Casual social gamblers engage in gambling activities for the purpose of entertainment.

Serious social gamblers involve in gambling with great sincerity and may end up spending huge amounts on it.

? Some gamblers engage in gambling activities for escaping from the stress in their life. One instance of winning money is sufficient to tempt a user to bet more. One of the most important advantages of Internet gambling is that it does not require you to leave your home. Hackers gain easy access to confidential information of the users.

? An excessive exposure to Internet gambling activities can lead to addiction. A majority of children and youngsters are attracted to online gambling.

? In 2004, Google and Yahoo! declared the removal of online gambling advertisements from their websites.

Internet gambling, as most of us know, is any form of gambling that makes use of the Internet. Lacking regulation, these sites are vulnerable to attacks by network hackers. But one cannot get lucky every time. For more on this, you must read about the impact of Internet gambling. Users can sign up to their websites and bet money through electronic transactions. It can lead to addiction among youngsters. The lack of regulation makes online gambling a prey to network hackers. Problems

? It is commonly believed that there are higher chances of people getting addicted to Internet gambling than to other forms of it. Online casinos, online poker, online sports betting, among others, are some of the common forms of Internet gambling. With one’s money involved, there is also a risk of one’s financial or account information being hacked.

? Internet gambling lacks a centralized regulation. In an attempt to win more and more money, one continues staking it, even thoughtlessly at times. People who have never gained any exposure to land-based casinos or local bookies find online gambling enjoyable. In this case, it can lead them to compulsive gambling wherein a person feels compelled to engage in gambling activities for which he/she sacrifices his family and career.

? It is said that money-laundering activities are common in case of online gambling. Once lured by the money that can be made through such activities, it’s not unnatural for a user to get addicted to this form of gambling. And it results in a splurge of money that can rather be utilized for better reasons.

? Gamblers seen around the world can be classified under a few basic categories.

What Are The Chances of Being Pregnant at 47?

Well maybe this is true in the majority of cases but stick to your guns if you think differently and get a pregnancy test.

Using Donor Eggs

Once you get past about 44 and you still want to get pregnant then doctors recommend the use of donor eggs in IVF treatment as this has a massively higher success rate than using your own eggs.

I would be interested to hear from the experiences of women in their 40’s who have got pregnant.

The problem with getting pregnant in your 40s, as I know, is that the chance of miscarriage is much higher due to the possibility of chromosomal abnormalities. The doctor may test your FSH and if it comes out at a high number (over 25) then you may have less chance of getting pregnant (but there is still hope).

Getting Pregnant at 47

Of course there is always the chance that you could be pregnant at the age of 47, even if it is a pretty slim one. In fact there are cases of women who go on to give birth into their early fifties but this is rare. As long as you bear this in mind then this may keep your chances in perspective.

The success rates for donor eggs vary from around 50 to 80% so this is a great chance to have a healthy baby.

If you are actively trying to get pregnant then it is worth monitoring your cycles by taking your temperature and using ovulation tests. I went through this myself and am now pregnant (I will be 46 in a few months). It does take longer to get pregnant the older you get but if you are still ovulating then there is still a chance. If you have been trying for a while then you can go and get your levels checked by your doctor – these blood tests may determine what kind of egg reserve you have left as the reserves diminish as we get older. So, if you do want to get pregnant and you are 47 (or even older) then it is worth trying of course to see if it will happen for you as, after all, you might be one of the lucky ones.. Check out my article on when will I ovulate for more info.

A lot of women these days are putting off getting pregnant until later in life, or maybe it just hasn’t happened for them so if you have a wish to get pregnant at 47 then as long as you are ovulating then there is a chance it might happen, and in life a long shot is better than no shot at all. If you think you might be pregnant then take a home pregnancy test or go to your doctor and get checked out by them, but be aware that I have heard and read a lot of stories of women going to their doctor thinking they might be pregnant and the doctor totally writing off the idea and saying it must be the menopause. Women can undergo this treatment into their early 50s (and some will take older women) so you don’t have to rush into it.

Do You Have a Regular Cycle?

If you have a regular cycle and are still ovulating then there is a chance that you can become pregnant

Betting on the Future: Caliente is Back in the Game Bigger and Better Than Ever

Among the new world-class features at Caliente are the Las Vegas

style entryway, remodeled racing and sports books, traditional bingo

halls, gaming halls, sports betting, international restaurants,

shopping, and piano bar.

Caliente’s new look and new entertainment

options are sure to attract a large share of the northern Baja

California audience currently patronizing tribal casinos in Southern

California, as well as Americans looking for a new and unique experience.

Caliente’s history has come alive again for

the 21st century with the grand reopening of

the new Caliente casino. A dramatic $26 million renovation project has

truly transformed Caliente into a world-class operation. And unlike the region’s

tribal casinos, the only place you’ll find

sports betting, shopping, and entertainment outside of Las Vegas is at


Caliente employs eight thousand men and women nationwide trained to the

highest professional standards, making it one of Baja California’s

largest employers.

“Caliente once again takes its place as it did

for many years providing the finest gaming and entertainment in Mexico,”

said Francisco Lecuona, Marketing Director. Eighty years

later, Caliente hopes to once again attract people looking for

sophisticated and exciting new entertainment.

Later this year, the Caliente soccer stadium will expand its seating

from 13,000 to 33,000 seats, making it Mexico’s

newest and most modern sports facility. “We

are pleased to welcome guests from both sides of the border to see the

new excitement Caliente has to offer.”

Covering 228,000 square feet, Caliente is now the largest casino in

Mexico. From the moment the casino opened in 1928,

wealthy sophisticates and Hollywood stars flocked south of the border to

enjoy the hospitality and excitement, gaming, spa, casino, horse racing

and world-class entertainment.

Players will enjoy trying out 1,333 new bingo-based electronic games

with the latest themes from the hottest names in the industry including

Bally Gaming, Recreativos Franco, FB, and FBM.

No need to drive all the way to Las Vegas and spend money on putting gas

in the tank when you could put that money into the latest exciting games

or make a bet at the Caliente sports book.

TIJUANA, Mexico–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Long before there was a Las Vegas, there was Tijuana and the Agua

Caliente Casino and Resort. In March 2009, a 425,000 square

foot entertainment center including restaurants, bars and nightclubs,

amusement park, a convention center and perhaps a hotel will be


NFL – Odds – Yahoo Sports

In reality, it’s a number chosen by oddsmakers that will encourage an equal number of people to wager on the underdog as on the favorite. Also known as the line or spread, the myth is that Las Vegas sets the point spread as its predicted margin of victory for one team. This indicates more people are betting on them, so Las Vegas increases the underdog value hoping to encourage more wagers on the underdog.


There are times when moneyline wagering is smarter than point-spread wagering and this is why moneylines are growing in popularity. This means you risk $100 to win $105 if your team covers the spread. The team you choose only has to win the game, not win by a certain number of runs or goals. The positive value (+3.5) indicates that team is the underdog by 3.5 points. On the underdog, you would risk $100 and win $130 if the underdog wins. For example, a league’s top team may be +150 to win the championship. It means you have to risk $115 to win $100. It’s easiest to picture the number 100 sitting in the middle of these two values. In totals betting, you are predicting whether the combined total score will be more than or less than the total.


As soon as time runs out on the Super Bowl game this year, there are odds available on who will win next year. The negative value (-3.5) indicates that team is favored by 3.5 points. The underdog team can lose by three points and still cover the spread.. Typically used in baseball and hockey, pro football moneylines are popular in Las Vegas for picking underdogs. The negative value still indicates the favorite (-150) and the positive value indicates the underdog (+130). The underdog may see a value such as +3.5, +105. Oddsmakers adjust lines during the year, depending on the strength or weakness of teams, then offer wagers on each team to win. Betting on the favorite means the team must win by at least four points to cover the point spread. This indicates how much you must risk in order to book the bet (also known as the vig or juice). It’s a simple way to have the risk-reward scenario. If you picked the under 47.5, you want tough defense and the team running the ball to eat the clock. However, a poor team might be +3000, indicating it is not expected to win and a $100 wager would pay $3,000 as a huge longshot. In the right circumstance, where you have a small underdog, you can get a very similar bet by risking less and also get a bigger payout by going the moneyline route.


It is also widely known as the over/under and, just like the point-spread myth, it is not Las Vegas’ guess at how many points will be scored in the game by both teams combined. You will also notice a moneyline value associated with the point spread (such as -3.5, -115). Wagers on a future event are known as NFL futures. If you pick the over, you want offensive fireworks and long bombs for TDs. It’s a number it feels will encourage just as many bets on the over as the under. That means a $100 wager would pay $150 profit. The spread is not a static number, so you will notice line moves during the week. They can be profitable but also take a long time to settle the bet.

Point spread

For all the talk of new forms of wagering, the good old point spread remains the bet of choice for most NFL fans. For example, if you want to pick a -150 favorite, you would risk $150 in order to win $100. Team A may be favored by 3 points on Tuesday and by 4.5 points on Friday

Casino-Gaming :: What Percentage Of Races Does The Favorite Horse Win?

Of course, this is providing that you placed a place or show bet. The reason being that the odds are often better than the favorite winning the race. Often the odds on the horse most likely to win is poor. And do not forget, the horse still has a chance of winning too.

As one can see, it often is better to bet on a horse you think is going to place. Look at the odds being offered and if they are better on the second or third horse, then go for it.

As a general rule, the favorite will win about 1/3 of the time, but what is amazing is how often the favorite will place, especially when less than half of the field is 5-1 or lower. Remember, that your horse only has to come in the first three in a six or nine horse race for you to come away with a profit. In this case a favorite will place almost 100% of the time.

Why does the horse predicted to place actually wins so many races? Maybe because the favorite usually only wins 1 in 3 races. Therefore, it is statistically speaking, a bad race to bet on. In a race with 20 runners you have a 1 in 20 chance of picking the winner. For this reason, I do not always place my money on the horse that is predicted to win. Thus, place your bet around 20 minutes to race time.

In order to win a horse race, you might want to predict the winner by using statistical calculations instead. Of course, if you placed a win bet and the horse does win, then you will come away with lots of money. Thus, I suggest that you limit yourself to horse races with either 6 or 9 horses running to have the best chance of winning.

Thus, the question asked is if you should bet on the horse most likely to win? Sometimes the answer to this is “no”.

In my opinion, the secret of winning on the horses is to look at the statistics. In 2 out of 3 races some other horse wins.

. However, bookmakers/tracks usually only offer poor odds if you bet place or show on such a horse. The key point: is stay away from horse races where there are lots of runners!

If the horses just below the favorite have better odds, such as 4/1, 5/1 or better; then place your bet on those horses. Thus, you can see that the fewer the runners there are, the better your chances of winning. You really need odds of at least 4/1 to win anything if the horse that you bet on places second or third. However, let us say that the race has just six runners, then you have a 1 in 6 chance of winning. In a race with only six horses running, you have a 1 in 6 chance of picking a winner. If the odds are less than 4/1, then I suggest passing such a horse race. I suggest that you choose horse races with nine runners and 1/4 odds on the first three, or six runners with 1/4 odds on the first two. Remember, when you use this system, you are making your predictions on the odds

California Chrome faces fresh field in Triple Crown bid

California Chrome parlayed trouble-free trips in the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness into victories, setting the stage for a possible sweep.

“I feel more confident coming into this race than I did any race,” said Art Sherman, who at 77 is overseeing the best horse of his career. Since then, 12 horses have captured the first two legs without completing the equine hat trick.

About 5:30 a.m., California Chrome hit the track to jog around the sprawling oval, stretching his legs before returning to his stall for the long wait until the Belmont was run in the late afternoon.

Those looking to play spoiler include Commanding Curve.

“Sure, we’d love to win,” Finley said. The sales were a nod to the horse’s bid to get permission to wear the strips to open up his nasal passages in the Triple Crown’s third and final leg.

California Chrome owner Steve Coburn signed hats, posters and programs tossed to him in his box seat. Fans also snapped up free posters that read “Triple Chrome.”

It’s been a smooth run so far for California Chrome through the first two legs of the Triple Crown. His one workout was terrific, the morning gallops strong and steady, the appetite hardy.

Chrome craziness set in at Belmont Park Saturday as the hours ticked down ahead of the horse’s bid to end racing’s 36-year Triple Crown drought.

“It has to be a super horse to win that,” Espinoza said.

Commanding Curve skipped the Preakness, getting an additional two weeks of rest for the Belmont. “I’m getting pumped up.”

California Chrome, the chestnut colt with four white feet and a modest pedigree, was on the verge of making history or becoming just another miss. “We’re like most of the other connections, we want California Chrome to win if we don’t.”

Only 11 horses have swept the three races, Affirmed the most recent in 1978. The track was expecting more than 100,000 people to show up.

California Chrome will face 10 rivals around “Big Sandy,” Belmont’s deep and often tiring track.

The 1 1/2-mile Belmont, known as “The Test of a Champion,” is the longest of the three races in the series. He rallied from 18th in the Kentucky Derby for finish second, only 1 3/4-length behind California Chrome.

The Belmont could be a redemptive moment for jockey Victor Espinoza, who saw his bid for a Triple Crown aboard War Emblem end in defeat at the 2002 Belmont after a stumble at the start.

While everyone wants to win, deep down most wouldn’t be too upset seeing a Triple Crown winner.

Fans had already jammed the grandstand by midday. Purple nasal strips emblazoned with California Chrome’s name were being sold to fans two for $5. He is owned by West Point Thoroughbreds, a partnership headed by Terry Finley.

There is a quiet confidence in the California Chrome camp that they possess the long-awaited Triple Crown champion.

“The horse is doing great, I couldn’t ask anything more from him,” said Alan Sherman, the assistant trainer to his father Art Sherman. “I’m looking forward to the race. Since the Preakness, California Chrome has not missed a beat.  His backstory — owned by a couple of working stiffs who spent $8,000 on a mare they bred to a stallion for $2,500 — earned him a legion of fans who loved to cheer for the underdog.

His owners were called “dumb asses” by a trainer for buying a mare who gave no indication that she could produce a standout offspring who could run fast. And, in many respects, the cruelest.

By all outward indications, Chrome’s camp has every reason to feel confident. I think if he runs his race, he’s going to be pretty solid.”

Horse Racing System Easy-three – Can It Make You A Winner?

Sanderson can prove to you that the Easy-Three is the most incredible mechanical system for picking winners ever conceived!

If you have even the slightest interest in horse or dog racing, you owe it to yourself to check out Dave Sanderson’s new method.

According to Mr.

The author, Art Robinson is an internationally known educator on proven lottery, gaming and money-making systems, and recommends Dave Sanderson’s Easy-Three method. You can even use it with Early Bird wagering and make your selections for the whole day ahead of time. Although there is a play in every race, there is one and only one selection per race. As a matter of fact there is no need for the track program but according to Mr. If you are tired of all the empty promises with so-called winning systems that don’t perform how about something different? How about a winning system that can win and win so much money on small bets? Dave Sanderson explains how his incredible new method can do this with no racing form or past performances needed, and with almost 80% winners from horses and dogs.

Mr. It has nothing to do with public selectors or public handicappers. This includes thoroughbred racing, trotters, Pacers, quarter horses, and all dog racing – even Appaloosa racing at the fair tracks. There is no need to attend the track for last-minute information. And, it is one of the most simple systems you will ever use. Sanderson that every racing fan looks right at and never realizes the awesome power of it.

Article Directory: http://www.articledashboard.com

By pure accident, he tripped over something that had stared at him for the past 33 years that he had been going to the track — but yet he never realized — in his wildest dreams — the incredible power of this factor holds!

How would you like to walk into any race track OTB parlor, or race book and without even looking at the past performances, the public handicappers, or even the program — and end the month as much as $17,000 richer? Better yet — all starting with a lonely $20 bill?

The method can be used in all forms of pari-mutuel racing. He claims that his new method is the most incredible moneymaker ever. Sanderson, he was 63 years old when he retired and decided to pass the days that the one thing that he always loved — horse racing. These results took place between May 6 and May 28.. With his eyesight failing, it became impossible to read the past performances. Even though he did not really believe the secret to winning consistently was in the past performances he wanted to be able to win and knew that there was something missing from the whole racing jigsaw puzzle — something that hasn’t seen yet by most fans!

He calls his method the Easy-Three and considers it the most incredible secret about winning at horse racing since the first track was built! This is so incredibly simple according to Mr. Without using the past performances and listen to this – he didn’t even use a track program.

Easy-Three is completely mechanical in every way — Everyone that uses it will get the exact same selections. In fact, It doesn’t even need to use the track program!

In a miracle month at Hollywood Park, California he used a winning progression – starting with only a $20 bill and achieved profits of incredible $17,000. The win percentage can be a remarkable 75 to 80%. It can be played at the track, or any OTB parlor or race book. Then, come back later and collect like you never have before — it’s that incredible.

You may not believe this, but Mr. Find out how this method may help you start winning by visiting: mktforce.com/content.cfm?pageid=331461

This incredible winning factor is not in the past performances. Sanderson has stated that he started with a $20 bill and $17,000 dollars in 30 days at one track. Sanderson you can pick more winners each and every day and win more money day in and day out than ever before.

By: Art Robertson

That is exactly he said he did! Using his Easy-Three system for horse and dog racing he has stated that he took a single $20 bill and ran it up to an incredible $17,000 in less than 30 days!

Plus, it does not require past performances to be used and does not use the selections of any public handicappers

Las Vegas Casinos – InfoBarrel

I did once when it was 108 degrees and the

soles on my shoes were soft from the hot asphalt and concrete

literally melting my shoe soles away.

The Slots-A-Fun Casino is located on

The Las Vegas Strip. $3.00 Black Jack is the favorite game of

many people in Las Vegas. The first is the shape of the

building. I disagree.

The New York New York Hotel and Casino is all of the fun of the real

New York but a lot cheaper. The Luxor Hotel and

Casino of today appears much different then the magnificent building

that was originally there. It is modeled after the gr

eat pyramids of Egypt. The appearance is drastically different,.

The Luxor Hotel and Casino has changed from an Egyptian theme to a

corporate owned casino filled with gimmicky adverting. Slots-A-Fun Casino is a fun place to gamble cheaply if you

go there during a slow time. The Luxor Hotel and

Casino is really cool for two reasons. The Palms Casino and Resort has been the site of many TV


times.. I have

never been inside the Palms Casino and Resort except for when I see

this Vegas Hotel on television.


If you visit the Palms Casino and

Resort make sure your bring your camera so you can take a picture of

the Paparazzi who may be there outside snapping pictures of the rich

and famous when they arrive at the Palms Casino and Resort.

The 7-11 convenience stores in Las

Vegas are everywhere. The other

reason the Luxor Hotel and Casino is so cool is because of the huge

light beaming out from the top of the Luxor into space. The

parking garage at the New York New York Hotel and Casino is my

favorite ride. The roller coaster is fun…to watch. If it is

not a slow night then do not even bother to show up to the

Slots-A-Fun Casino.

There are many casinos in Las Vegas

Nevada. You may have seen the Palms Casino and Resort on

television. Do not

attend the Slots-A-Fun Casino on a weekend or any other time the

place is busy. If you want a tattoo they have a shop inside.

The Gold Spike Hotel and Casino has

some lower limit tables such as $2.00 Blackjack.

Image Credit: (Flickr/davideferro.net) (Flickr/Chad Davis)

Gold Spike Hotel and Casino

I am a huge fan of the downtown Vegas

properties but this strip property make my list. When you are speeding up to the

top layer it looks and feels like you are flying of the edge of the

building onto the roller coaster. At least they

have not changed the sweet shape f the pyramid.

Slots-A-Fun Casino

The Gold Spike Hotel and Casino is

located in my favorite part of Las Vegas. It is a popular spot for

amateur photographers to snap a world class picture. During peak nights the Slots-A-Fun

Casino is packed with people wanting to play low limit games. When the Slots-A-Fun Casino is empty of locals and

tourists then it is a very fun place to gamble in Las Vegas. Fremont Street. You can also walk if you are not lazy. $2.00 Blackjack is

only available occasionally. (readers or lookers?) The show is adult oriented

so don’t take Paul “Pee Wee” Reubens with you.

The Palms Casino and Resort is a

favorite of Britney Spears when she visits Las Vegas. It is by the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino.

Slots-A-Fun Casino has many low limit table games including $1.00

blackjack. They usually have some video gaming machines. Downtown Las Vegas is much funner and generally cheaper then staying on the

Vegas Strip. If the Aliens

ever come to play poker they will probably come to the Luxor Hotel

and Casino.

Palms Casino and Resort

The Palms Casino and Resort is where

the middle class come to see the rich and famous. The Gold Spike Hotel and Casino also has a

sports book inside called “Leroy’s Sports book”.

At night time the Palms Casino and

Resort is an absolutely gorgeous building. You can find $1.00 black jack or $1,000 black jack tables.

From the high rollers VIP areas in fancy Vegas Casinos to the smoky

keno rooms with ragged carpet. There are always exceptions and some great deals can be

found for the Las Vegas Strip hotels and casinos during non peak

While visiting the Luxor Hotel and

Casino make sure you get tickets to the show starring Angelica

Bridges. I assume the

inside of the Palms Casino and Resort is just as beautiful. On a Sunday when there are only a few cars in there

you can drive your car to the top. You are right down by the

Fremont Light Show and all of the casinos and sites located in the

downtown area of historic Las Vegas. The 7-11 stores are not considered a casino to

most people. Many people now days consider the New York New

York Hotel and Casino to be slightly on the tacky side. Angelica Bridges starred on Baywatch and is also a favorite

of Playboy readers. The rich and famous

come to the Palms Casino and Resort to be seen by the middle class

tourists. What other gaming property in Las Vegas can

offer you a Slurpee? The fact that I can play video poker with bad

odds and drink blue colored Slurpee’s all day makes the 7-11

convenience stores an awesome Las Vegas gaming property.

Regardless of where you want to gamble

in Las Vegas you can always find something cool, tacky, common, rare,

expensive, cheap, or even dirt cheap. Regardless of your budget you can find

somewhere fun and unique to gamble while visiting Las Vegas.

Luxor Hotel and Casino

New York New York Hotel and Casino

The New York New York Hotel and Casino

was considered a truly amazing architecture and styling casino when

it was first opened. If it is summertime and over 100 degrees I highly suggest you

do not walk the strip. I love the

7-11 stores for gambling. Just because you may want to

visit an expensive Las Vegas Casino that does not mean you have to

play there.

In 2007 they replace most of the

Egyptian themed items and decorations. I wonder when

Britney plays blackjack and wants another card if she tells the

Blackjack dealer “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” After all of

Britney’s kids I think she was hit again.

If you choose to stay at the Gold Spike

Hotel and Casino during you vacation to Las Vegas you will be well

rewarded with your choice of location. If you do want to see the Strip

you are a very short bus ride away. I wish they would have kept

the Egyptian theme at the Luxor Hotel and Casino