It’s all about the injuries for Arsenal – National Arsenal

Winning the FA Cup last season ended a nine year trophy-less drought and brought a much-needed respite from the naysayers. It is his inability to figure out how to keep his players healthy.

A recent study done by Ben Dinnery of Premier Injuries Ltd. Even worse, in the past decade only Newcastle has lost players for more days than Arsenal.

Lets face it: no one is ever surprised to see an Arsenal player limp off the pitch. But the same strategy didnt work out against Spurs, and some fans are once again ready to show Wenger the door.

But tactics are only a small part of the problem. It doesnt matter how shrewd his moves are in the transfer market if the players are not healthy. One of the long-standing criticisms of the Frenchman is that he has no Plan B when the opposing side shuts down his preferred possession football. But the injuries just keep coming. And by all accounts, there have been changes implemented. The moaning was over Wengers implementation of counter-attacking football. But Arsenal proved they could play a more defensive style when the Gunners went up to the Etihad and beat Manchester City 2-0.

Is it finally time for Arsene Wengers reign at Arsenal to end? The cry for his sacking has been akin to a rollercoaster ride the past few years. But a slow start to this season and a continuing poor record against the best clubs in the Premier League has the wolves baying at Wengers door again.

So whats being done? The highest profile move came last summer with the hiring of Shad Forsythe, who was the German national teams fitness coach. . It doesnt matter if Wenger gets his tactics right if the best players arent on the pitch. for The Telegraph showed that in 10 of the 11 seasons between 2003-04 and 2013-14, Arsenal suffered more significant injuries than the Premier League average. It is time for Wenger to figure this out.

The latest complaints following a 2-1 loss to North London rivals Tottenham had to do with tactics. Wengers biggest failure is not tactics or his refusal to spend money on a top-class defensive midfielder

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